Hotel Prometheus v Brně hodnocení

Room layout
adapted to the character of your event

Theatre – this layout is appropriate for events which are also attended by the public. In addition, this layout is very flexible, the chairs can be arranged in a row, circle or semicircle.

PROS – good for large groups

CONS – does not offer any space for writing or interaction within the group


Classroom – offers large space for writing or using laptops. The school-type arrangement is also the most comfortable for long conferences and offers space for catering along the room sides so that it is easy to reach for all participants.

PROS – the presenter can be seen by all, suitable for large groups in small premises

CONS – does not offer space for interaction among participants


U-shape – mostly used for events with a keynoter, audiovisual presentation or any other principal point. The U-form arrangement is not suitable for groups of more than 25 persons, as it becomes too big and the individual participants may not see one another.

PROS – good working environment, interaction among participants, ideal for conferences or lectures with presentation

CONS – not ideal for large groups

T-shape – is similar to U-shape, but it is appropriate when interaction among participants is not required and there are more chairing persons (presenters or speakers). They can lead the discussions across the table.

PROS – the presenter can be seen by all, ideal for more speakers

CONS – not ideal for large groups

I-shape – ideal for meetings with one particular speaker where interaction among the entire group is expected (such as board meetings or discussions, etc.).

PROS – sufficient space for writing and using laptops, space for interaction among the individual participants

CONS – not suitable for audiovisual presentations, for conferences with a single speaker or large groups


Conference rows – most often used for meetings where small groups operate and there is not a single speaker or presentation. Offers much space for taking notes and interaction among participants.

PROS – sufficient space for laptops, space for interaction

CONS – participants are seated at the individual tables, not ideal for audiovisual presentations, conferences with a speaker or large groups which are expected to interact


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